March 17th - St. Patrick's Day - What are the Irish People going to do about Dr Stephanie Seneff? Will we wake up NOW or play 'wait and see' for 10 years? 


There are many true experts who agree with Dr Stephanie Seneff's prediction: "By 2025 - half of all children in North America will be diagnosed with Autism". I recommend listening to her video interview so that you understand that this woman is serious and she has devoted a lot of her time and energy to understanding this subject, as a researcher in Boston's Massechusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Do you believe this problem will effect Irish people? When?

Click here to watch Dr Seneff explain

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Click here to have a look at the 'data' which supports Seneffs view

February 7-8th - Wise Traditions Conference in Limerick    A landmark achievement for Ireland          

WAPFMFor anyone who missed it, the first ever Irish Wise Traditions Conference was a great success. Lucky for you, IrishTV reporters were on hand to interview some of the main speakers such as Sally Fallon-Morell, Natasha Campbell-McBride, Darina Allen and Dr John McKenna. The conference was also a showcase for truly healthy traditional foods, with many producers on display over the weekend.

Click here to visit the Official Wise Traditions Munster Website/Blog

Click Here to see the IrishTV episode which covered the event

Fionn's Interviews: Darina Allen, Dr Campbell-McBride, Sally Fallon

January 16th 2015                                                           Correct Nutrition Arrives in The Elmtree Clinic, Oranmore

FluorideDon't be mislead by the mainstream nutritional advice, come along to The Elmtree Clinic in Oranmore and learn 'the truth' about food from your local GAPS Practitioner, Nutritionist & Sport Scientist, Eoin Miller. Eoin is eager to help people dealing with ASD to experience 'natural healing'. offering motivation and support to the parents seems to be a key part of the healing process.

Sort your health out! - With Eoin Miller at clinics in Athlone, Mullingar and NOW in Galway!

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November 5th 2014
The 1st Ever 'Wise Traditions Ireland Conference'              Venue: Thomond Park Conference Centre in Limerick        Dates: 7-8th February 2015                                              

WAPFMThe Weston A. Price Foundation is holding another conference in Europe. This is the first of it's kind on Irish soil. What's it all about? Weston A. Price discovered the true value of traditional eating and primitive living. What could we possibly learn from primitive people about our health? According to Eoin: "More than you could possibly imagine". Come along to Thomond Park and learn what's really going on in the world of health and nutrition.

Click here for the Official 'Weston A Price Foundation' Munster Website

Read the Official WAPF Leaflet - with details of Guest Speakers (PDF)

September 9th 2014                                                           Correct Nutrition Arrives in Harbour Therapy Clinic

FluorideWe have finally landed in Mullingar and Eoin is settling into his new consultation room in Harbour Therapy Clinic. Where is that? It's located just across from the entrance to the Dunnes Stores carpark. Ciara Byrne's Clinic is more renouned for holistic massage, sports injuries andkinesiology allergy testing. Now the clinic can boast a wider range of services. Don't be mislead by the mainstream nutritional advice, come along and learn 'the truth' about food from your local GAPS Practitioner, Nutritionist & Sport Scientist.

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March 20th 2014
Eoin Receives his GAPS Certificate

SignEoin Has been researching and studying hard so as to become a Certified GAPS Practitioner (CGP). So what can he do with it? There are many conditions which people believe are untreatable. It's true, most chronic illnesses get worse and worse without any hope of reversing, even a little. The GAPS Diet has come along to fill that void, offering real hope to people who are looking for answers. The GAPS protocol, according to Eoin, will revolutionise nutrition and health and it will pull the rug from under the 'alternative' food movement which has become dominated by supplements and processed foods.

Click here to read more about Gut and Psychology Syndrome

January 15th 2014
Water Fluoridation - The Debate Has Ended

FluorideAny substance can be toxic in large doses. Recommendations to drink a lot of tap water may lead to over-medication of Fluoride... Then there's the question of whether Fluoride is good for our health in the first place. In fact it is quite the opposite, yet the Republic of Ireland remains the most heavily fluoridated nation in Europe. Why not ban fluoride?

Click here for the article
Click here for the information & evidence relating to fluoridation
Click here for the documentary about fluoridation


Dec 30th 2013
Insulin Resistance & Type 2 Diabetes

T2 DiabetesGlycaemic Index (GI) has long been used as a guide for T2 diabetics, helping them to avoid high sugar/insulin damage. Does GI work? 
If there were simple things that you could do to improve insulin function, would you do it? For most of us the answer is a very loud "YES!".
   Click here for video1 (B.Groves)    Click here for video2 (J.E. Carlson)

November 4th 2013
Vaccines & Immunity

ImmunitySuzanne Humphries covers the history of vaccines in this book release Dissolving Illusions. The second link is all about building immunity. A strong immune system will allow a growing child to deal with many illnesses they may encounter. Prevention is often the best solution.

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October 31st 2013
Burzynski The Movie (Part 2)

BurzynskiKeeping an 'open mind' is key to learning about health matters. Dr Burzynski's alternative cancer treatment seems just as credible, if not more credible than the established forms of treatment. Why would anyone want to halt this kind of progress? 

Click here for website & video

June 8th 2013
Gut Micro-Flora

Transparent GutGut Micro-Flora - Are we outnumbered? Apparently the living biological cell count of our gut outnumbers the rest of the body many times over. Jeroen Raes explains how each one of us is host to both beneficial and destructive micro-flora in the gut. The article by Allison Price discusses the effects of antibiotics on gut function.

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May 29th 2013

Bee PollenatedBee-Life - For the good of our bees, Neonicotinoids have been banned in Europe. What next? Fipronil, another chemical insecticide, toxic to our bee population. The second link (below) provides basic information about Neonicotinoids.

Click here for article1
Click here for article2

April 10th 2013
Allan Savory

ElephantAllan Savory - A South African scientist who "proved" that overgrazing causes the desert to expand. He has now learned that he was wrong. Allan Savory explains how a large portion of the earth's surface can be reclaimed and become fertile again.

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February 3rd 2013
'Climate Change' Misnomer

Globe'Climate Change' Misnomer - A misnomer is a wrong name or inappropriate designation. Geologist, Professor Bob Carter gives us his radical view of global temperature.

Click here for video part1
Click here for video part2
Click here for video part3
Click here for video part4


October 1st 2012
Prof. Gilles-Eric SÚralini

GMO RATProf. Gilles-Eric SÚralini - Newspaper article about SÚralini's Genetically Modified Maize study carried out in University of Cannes, France. The second link is a 12 minute documentary of the study.
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March 1st 2012
Dr. Dwight Lundell

AtherosclerosisDr. Dwight Lundell - A story about a heart surgeon's experience and what he believes causes heart disease. The second link is a video on the same topic by another Doctor,  Natasha Campbell-McBride (MD).
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